Jerome Griffin's Highly Anticipated Debut Single


To have the chance to do what you love, and travel worldwide is a dream that most artists yearn for. For Jerome Griffin there was a dash in time where his talent afforded him that very opportunity. IMG sits down to discuss his music career, accomplishments, and the release of his debut single, “Great Are You Lord”.  

Jerome, thank you so much for sitting down with us today to discuss your upcoming project. I understand you are no stranger to the studio, yet this is your first solo recording. 

Q: What is it about Charleston, SC that makes you want to plant your musical footprint here?

A:   I was born and raised in Charleston and I am in love with the musical culture of the city.

Q: What do you think defines your style of music, and what influences do you believe shaped it for you?

A:   I am a fan of music that is done well; a melodic type who loves a song that tells a story. My style ranges from The Sensational Nightingales to Prince from The Mighty Clouds of Joy to Andre Crouch. I love them all!  I have been blessed to have had such an exposure to vast genres of music in my lifetime. My music (Bass Guitar) mentor is Nathan East of Fourplay. Even if I don’t work with him I would love to meet him. 

Q: At what age did you realize that you were musically inclined?

A:   I grew up in a musical family with a strong background in the church. I started playing drums at Charity Missionary Baptist Church in North Charleston, SC at the age of 5 years old. There were many talented singers and musicians in my family that helped groom my talent.    
Q: Tell us about your musical accomplishments and how music has shaped your life.

A:   There have been so many great moments. I have traveled overseas with Tony and Company, worked with Charleston’s own Shrimp City Slim, Folk Singer Wanda Johnson and even shared the stage with Shirley Caesar along with The Youth for Christ.     I also had the opportunity to perform with jazz singer Diane Reeves and jazz saxophonist Branford Marsalis. 

Q: You have had the opportunity to travel the world and work with many great musicians. What is your most memorable experience?

A:   Traveling overseas with my Tony and Company. Over the years we have work, traveled and bonded together musically becoming family, brothers. Shout out to Big B, Rodrick Simmons and Charles Lamont Garner! I never thought my talent would allow me to see the world.    

Q: Are you writing your own music? If so, how do you find inspiration for your songs?

A:   Yes, I have so much music I’ve worked on over the years. Music is timeless so I’ve had the ability to pull from songs I’ve written or produced in the past and revive them. I typically come up with a beat and melody in my head first to build the foundation of the song; then I follow with the lyrics. My biggest inspiration comes from God. 

Q: What do you want people to know about you and your music?

A:   I want them to know that it is God that has allowed me to be able to do what I do.    

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years musically?

A:   Well, still sharing my love for God, family and music by traveling. Ultimately, I’d like to make a living from my music.

Q: That is great! We are looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming work. Do you have any upcoming projects or events we should be on the lookout for?  

A:   My new single, “Great Are You Lord” is currently available on all digital outlets. Special thanks to Tarrod Thomas and Tony Thompson who helped musically arrange the single. 

Jennifer Shennel Simmons

Jennifer Shennel Simmons

Jennifer is an author, freelance writer and lover of all music from Charleston, SC. Music is in her blood. She grew up around a family full of talented singers and musicians. Jennifer spent her younger years playing drums and keyboard for her church, with her dad as the lead guitarist. She has a unique ear for dissecting a song and hearing the detail of each individual instrument. The musical genres that are most soothing to her soul are Funk, R&B, Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop and the Motown era.  Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management earned from Charleston Southern University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Southern Wesleyan University.


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