Interview with Todd Morse


Todd Morse, a guitarist and vocalist who has toured with great bands such as H2O, Juliette and the Licks, and The Offspring has been on our radar for decades. However, we have never seen him record an album on his own. That is, until now. IMG earlier reviewed his freshman album, Late Bloomer, as a huge success. Recently, we also reached out to talk with him about his inspirations and what took him on this new path. As he states, "I'm hoping to inspire people of all ages who think it's too early or to late to follow their passion." Read more to see what he has to say about his passions and where he'd like to be in a few years.

1. We love your new album, Late Bloomer.  Can you tell us what made you decide to explore this on your own? I know that you've done some other work with Toddsplanet. How is this different?

Thank you! Toddsplanet is my 10 piece special event band. We do mostly covers and put our on twist on them. Our cover of Cage The Elephants “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” got a lot  of love on Spotify

2. You've played with some popular bands like H2O, Juliette and the Licks, and others. How would you compare this to working with, say, Juliette Lewis?

Juliette has a whole other thing going on that I don’t have. She’s a rock-n-roll powerhouse! Some of the most fulfilling musical experiences I’ve had were with Juliette And The Licks. The whole band is great. 

3. Who did you work with to record and master the new album?

Chris Wonzer co-produced, mixed and mastered Late Bloomer. He also worked with Juliette and Linda Perry to name a few. 

4. When is the release date, and how can people from around the world find you?

January 21 2019! I’m proud to say that folks can get a digital copy exclusively from me at  
I decided I wanted to know everyone who buys my music without involving any third parties 

5. If you could do or change anything in your musical history, what would it be?

I wish I would have kept my focus on songwriting. I let everyone convince me that record business was dead so I kept it to touring and doing cover bands. Ultimately “Late Bloomer” was an unstoppable force that I needed to set free. And I plan on doing two more albums right away. 

6. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully touring on my own music and I do have a secret ambition to write a song for a Disney movie! 

7. Do you have any band members that you'd like to throw under a bus? Just kidding. Who has been your biggest influence?

Ha! I wouldn’t throw anyone under the bus. Even if someone isn’t right for a gig I still respect the ability to show up and try this crazy business. Tom Petty and Bob Marley are two of biggest influences. Not just for the music but the way they carried themselves with integrity and hearts on the sleeves. The Rolling Stones and The Clash as well, for slightly different reasons. Neither of those bands were afraid to dabble in other genres they pulled it off! 

8. Who have you not worked with that you'd like to work with in the future?

I’m hoping to work with Tim Armstrong at some point. And any of the Heartbreakers! 

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