Get your Music in Films, TV shows, and commercials

Get your Music in Films, TV shows, and commercials

Get your music in films, TV shows, and commercials. But how?
Getting music into movies, TV shows and commercials can be rather daunting. Show supervisors don’t want to work with musicians directly, and there are limited spaces for songs. A show may require one theme song., while a commercial also just needs one song or a jingle. Films may have several song spaces available, but getting an independent band’s work in there is a task that many don’t know how to handle.

Considering that most artists don’t know or understand the rights they have to their own music, there is no question as to why it is a challenge to get their music into shows. So, how do you get heard by the people in charge?

Understand Your Rights
There are many puzzle pieces to creating a song. If you are the only writer/producer and have done all the work, then you own 100% of your music. However, if you have a co-writer, things get a little more tricky.

A movie or show supervisor will have to go through every channel who has a stake in the song. If your co-writer agrees to let you take over 100% ownership, then getting through the process makes things a little easier.

Finally, who mastered the song? If a big label had a hand in it (Disney or Sony, for instance), the show producers will have to get permissions from them as well. They may also hold 100% ownership in the song.

All in all, you need to be knowledgeable about the process. Ignorance and lack of knowledge is a deterrent to getting your music considered. If you have 100% of the songwriting and 100% of the mastering, you have a leg up on your competition.

Add metadata
You can easily add metadata into MP3’s using iTunes that will incorporate the name of the song, ownership, contact information, and more. We suggest sticking with MP3s because of this. WAV files don’t have the ability to retain metadata in the same way. Using iTunes, go to the comments section. Type in the following: "Contact: Your Phone #, Email Address, Name". Other information you can add as metadata are ownership rights to the music. For instance, if you own 100% of the songwriting as well as 100% of mastering, put this information in the comments. If you have split ownership, you can say something like this: "50% of composition, 50% of composition with Joe Blow. 100% of mastering".

Get in front of producers
Now that you have an understanding of the basics, you will be ready for when you get in front of the producers. That’s not so easy. When you do, you’ll be better prepared as a synch specialist and armed with easy to listen tracks loaded with metadata and a complete understanding of your rights.

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith - Founder and Editor
Stephanie has been involved in the music scene for over 10 years as a photographer and writer. She has written for websites such as Bandzoogle, BandMix, as is the current Director for South Carolina Music Guide. You can usually find her at local hot spots in Charleston. However, she likes to explore and has found a favorite second home in Costa Rica.

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